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Best technique for soloing on a rope? by johndi
This has been beat to death in the past, so if you want to wade through about 500 posts on the subject, try dejanews... I also believe that the subject is mentioned on tradgirl's (very good) web page... I use a modified grigri and back up by ...
Child climbing prodigies by Vale
I'll never forget my first ice climbing experience. Among a handful of young adults, there was a little boy, about 10 years old. The son of one of the local climbing guides, he had been given permission to tag along that day. As we clumsily scaled ...

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I think you'd find some data here: https://www.mountainproject.com/v/south-central-pa/109481375
by jade - 1 week ago
will the august 21st solar eclipse be evident in the area of Mt. Whitney?
by Guest - 3 weeks ago
Can you please connect me with the guy/woman who bought my brother Dave's canoe mold. I would perhaps like to buy one of my brothers canoes.
by Steve Brewer - 1 month ago
Greetings; I talked with Helen a few months ago and made a deal to out right purchase the canoe mold from her. Our agreement went back to around 93. I have now had Western Canoe make a ...
by DB Special - 1 month ago
See this discussion exploring the use of a Cinch in the situation you describe: http://www.supertopo.com/climbers-forum/2598147/TRANGO-CINCH-FOR-TOP-ROPE-SOLOING
by Mickster - 1 month ago
by Raenier - 1 month ago
I suggest you'd post your text as an answer to this thread: http://www.mycliffbuddies.com/arizona-hiker-kills-another-hiker-after-dog-confrontation-11994/Page2.html#8993
by jade - 1 month ago

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