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Vote for More Climbing Areas! by Deborah
The Southeastern Climbers Coalition is in the running for a $250,000 grant from the Pepsi Refresh Project. They plan to use these funds to secure permanent access to climbing areas in Alabama and Tennessee that are currently closed. They are a nonprofit (like CTM) and already own five areas and lease two others, so they have a good track record. They don't want your money, just your ...

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The 4kN number given is the when the croll is estimated to begin damaging the sheathe of the rope, with damage to the core and failure coming at higher loads, around 6 kN. The Shunt is ...
by brian - 1 week ago
Yes he was my brother. First director aof the ski school at Whistler bcc back in the 60s. Prior to that he was on the ski school at mt trembllant quebec under Ernie McCullough . He was ...
by Steve Brewer - 1 week ago
Hi i'm Samir, I'm looking for Asolo 8000 my foot size is 43 or 43 2/3 so i need boots 45 i prefer to be used..any help...thank you
by samir Akil - 2 weeks ago
hi rich, lanman here. just got a facebook acount. let,s talk.
by stephen lanman - 2 weeks ago
Hi Everyone,I just wanted to let you all know about a new feature that we are currently introducing: the Blog It button. This button will allow operators to take informative forum posts and ...
by Vale - 3 weeks ago
Please welcome our newest operator Vale.Vale is an experienced blogger and will be in charge of the the blogs section on our site. If you have any questions with regards to the blogs, I am ...
by admin - 3 weeks ago
Sorry, couldn't do that magic this time :( Shalom Ve Shavua Tov! :)
by jade - 1 month ago
Please welcome Molly Bain, the new addition to the operation team.Molly will help developing the blogs section on our site. If you have any question or feedback with regards to the blogs, I ...
by admin - 1 month ago
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